Shipping and port information
Iron ore from Goa is shipped mainly through two ports, namely Mormugoa, and Panjim. More information about the Port infrastructure and loading facilities are given below. The actual load rates given below are indicative and can vary depending on commercially agreed load rates, barge availability and weather conditions.

Mormugao Port

Listed as one of the major ports of India, Mormugoa consistently records the highest tonnage of ore exported, being the only port on the western seaboard of the country with a sophisticated, high capacity, mechanical ore handling plant for the iron ore. Annually about 24 million tons of iron ore is exported through this port.
Modes of Loading the following three modes of loading are available at mormugao port
Mechanical Ore Handling Plant (MOHP) no.

Mechanical Ore Handling Plant (MOHP) no. 9 which was commissioned in 1979. The major portion of iron ore trade is presently handled through the MOHP. The annual turnover of this plant is approximately 12 million tons. The loading rate which can be achieved per day, is between 25,000 to 35,000 tons depending upon the size of the vessels and whether it is a gearless vessel. The maximum loading draft at berth no 9 is:

Fair season (November to May) 13.00m ( 12.30 at any state of tide
14.00m in conjunction with high tide
11.50 to 12.80 progressively from September to October
Monsoon (June to 15th September to October)

Transfer Vessel (T/V) or Transhipper

A Transhipper is a mechanical ore handling vessel which can load without any draft restrictions in mid-stream. (Excluding the pre-monsoon period). The loading rate, which can be achieved per day, is between 12,000 to 15,000 tons depending on the weather. Presently there are more than five such transhippers available for loading vessels on spot basis and subject to port authority approval.

Please click here to view a chart of the transhipper vessels operating in Goa.

Grab Loading by ships grabs
Generally panamax size ships having their own grabs, but which cannot be accommodated at berth no. 9 or transhippers, are loaded by ships own grabs in midstream. The loading rate on a well equipped grab fitted vessel of 6 cubic meter grab can be up to 15,000 tons per day.

Panjim Port
Generally loading operations at Panjim Port are done by way of grab fitted vessels. There are also three transhippers available at Panjim port belonging to private exporters which are available for loading vessels on spot basis and subject to port authority approval.
M.V. Goan Pride
M.V. Asatixa
M.V. Sunrise



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