Seeds of Wisdom
Seeds of wisdom which is an associate of Resources International. The company creates a range of novel motivational products from a collection of famous quotes, poems and thoughts written by prominent personalities. Presented in an array of media such as frames, bookmarks, t-shirts, calendars. Covering a wide range of themes, there’s a little something for everyone to meet the occasion, the time the place. Be it as a gift or as an addition to your personal collection.


Vettrack which is another associate of Resources International, represents AVID ID Systems Inc. for marketing, implementing and servicing the same. The cost per animal is very reasonable and beneficial considering prevention of mal-practices on animals.
What is Vettrack ?
“VETTRACK” represents AVID (American Veterinary Identification Device) in India. AVID being the foremost producer of RFID Microchip for implantation in cattle, dogs and all kinds of pets. For the purpose of identification and recovery of lost pets / Cattle Breeding / Insurance / Data Collection etc).The use of EID provides each animal a unique individual identification number for positive animal identification. It can be used as a back-up animal identification system or useful for tracing animals through various ownership and premises changes. Databases exist today whereby any animal owner can purchase space in a data warehouse where animal history can be recorded and transmitting electronically to the next owner where he too can add to the record. Such medical and genetic records will only increase the value of individual animals, herds and improve their management practices.The injectable transponder is about the size of a grain of rice (12mm length) and as is injected into animals subcutaneous with a 12-gauge needle. The small size of the injected transponder with its small antenna produces a read distance of 2-8 inches.
The advantages of this technology is given below :

  • Secure individual identification.
  • Superior readability and performance.
  • Error-free, tamperproof, unique identification numbers.
  • Inventory control.
  • Integrate health records and database.
  • Source verification trace back.
  • Readers feature patented AVID Multi-mode technology enabling readers to read ID
  • Coded devices from various manufactures.
  • Readers available with a variety of features and price ranges.
  • Life-long and cannot be destroyed


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