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Trade patterns are constantly changing in the world of international steel. With new technologies, new producers and rapid development in emerging markets, there is a growing requirement for iron ore, metallurgical coke, steel and allied products to be traded and shipped across borders, buyers need a trusted and reliable sourcing channel.With our background as an established iron ore supplier from Goa, we have extensive options for procuring iron ore from Goa, Karnataka and the East Coast (India). We have in the past procured over 5,00,000.00 MT of ore for our Romanian Buyers in addition to making supplies from our captive mines.
We have also sourced a quantity of 300,000.00 MT High Density Aggregate (HDA) ore from East Coast of India mainly for the production of heavy concrete for coating sub-sea gas pipelines for the end use of Arabian Shaw Pipes, Indonesia.We are also trying to develop a long-term market in India for Low Ash Metallurgical Coke from Egypt and China. Please feel free to contact us if you would like details regarding the specifications of the commodities we can off




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