Quality Control
The final product (fines and lumps), after due weighing are transported from the plant site to the riverside jetty loading point (about 17kms from the mines) by way of trucks. The jetty loading points are hired facilities located in Sanvordem, alongside the Zauri river, with storing capacities varying from 40,000 tons to 150,000 tons depending on the size of the shipment. The ore is loaded onto barges during favorable tide from these points at the rate of 700 –15,000 tons per day for shipment. Barge capacities vary from 1200 tons to 3300 tons .Throughout the process, quality control is carried out. Representative samples are taken at various stages and are submitted to recognized laboratories such as SGS (SGS Private Limited India) or QSS (Quality Services and Solutions) for chemical and physical analysis.



Click here to see a flow chart demonstrating the various stages where quality control is done from the beginning to end

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