Goan mining industry
The Goan mining industry assumed significance only in the early fifties, when the exploitation of mining prospects had begun manually. This is when the Portuguese government went out of the way to develop the mining industry. They granted concessions over large spaces of land which continue to be exploited today, by the using of the most scientific and mechanized means.

Goa lies along the western coast of India, embracing the Arabian Sea, marked by Marmagao Port on the western sea board of the country with a sophisticated high capacity Mechanical Ore Handling Plant (MOHP) for iron ore. Flanked by the Arabian Sea, Goa today accounts for nearly 50% (about 23.308 Million tons). Of the country’s total iron ore exports. With Iron Ore deposits covering both North and South Goa and with estimated reserves of up to 400 million tons. Today the iron ore mining industry is the back bone of Goa’s economy.

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